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Deep Dish Pie Plates

The crust is always flakier when baked in a stoneware pie dish! We think it has something to do with putting a cold dish into a cold oven. Keeps the butter cold longer which adds to the flake as it bakes. We don’t have to understand it, we just have to know that it works!


Make your pie crust (or buy it…No Judgement!) Lay it in your pie plate and gently form it to the inside of the dish. Fill with any goodness you wish and cover with top crust (or not). Place into a COLD OVEN then turn oven on to desired temperature and bake. If blind baking, turn oven off between bakes.


Each Pie Plate is wheel thrown with white stoneware, the edge is textured and fluted on the wheel. Then it is glazed with one of our Glaze Combos

Approximately 10″ in diameter at  rim and 7″ in diameter at inside base and 2″ deep


If sold out, Contact Us to request an order

All glaze is food safe, as well as able to be used in the Microwave and dishwasher. Please take care with any sudden temperature change, going from Cold to Hot too fast may crack the piece

All pieces are made by our hands either Wheel Thrown, Joy, Or Slab Built, Zach. All variations and differences between similar pieces in size, shape or volume are celebrated and expected with Handcrafted pots.

Shop Policies

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We ship within the USA. We hand make each piece and cannot offer free shipping.

We use recycled materials as much as possible. (Thank you all who collect and drop off Large Bubble Bubblewrap, Peanuts, Bags of Air, and Boxes over 6” in any measurement! Anyone who would like to drop off any of these clean packing materials is welcome!) This helps keep costs down!

Please be sure that your order is going to a location that is safe and secure. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Please Double Check the Mailing address you provide

Pieces Damaged in Shipping please contact us Immediately! Please do not throw any of the packing material away and take pictures of the box, packing and broken work. We will need to report the damage to USPS. (Since switching to USPS for all my shipping, this has not Happened! Knock On Wood…)


If your purchase is a gift, we will happily ship directly to the recipient and include a note from you if you choose. We will also include a Care Card and any instructional cards for the pieces purchased. No prices or receipt will be included. We do not offer gift wrapping services.


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